Georgia Endurance Series Qualification Rules

Number of Events

  • To be eligible for series awards, participants must enter a minimum of 4 events as an individual in any single event category – other than the Novice or Relay categories.
  • Participants who compete in more than 4 races will use their top 4 scores for computing points.

Changing Categories

  • If an athlete changes categories for any reason mid-season, the events he/ she competed in before the change will count toward the qualification rewards, but will NOT count toward series qualification award points.
  • If an athlete participates as a relay team member at any event he/she may race other events as an individual. You are not locked into the relay team category.

Age Groupers

  • Participants who declare to compete in their Age Group category must compete in that category for the entire year. Athletes may not move from age group to any weight classification once they have raced any GES event as an age group athlete for the current calendar year.

Clydesdale/ Athenas

  • Participants who declare to compete in the Clydesdale and Athena categories must race in those categories the entire year unless he/ she falls below the 220 lb/ 165 lb mark. In this event these athletes will be placed into their respective age groups and loose any points received from racing in their weight classification.
  • If an athlete goes above the 220 lb/ 165 lb mark he/ she may NOT move into the Clydesdale/ Athena division if he/ she has already competed in a different event category.


  • The Novice category will not be scored in the GES standings.
  • Novices will not receive credit for having done an event against the 4 event minimum to qualify for series awards or the event minimums to get event qualifying rewards.